St. Benedict's Academy, St. Joseph, Minnesota

Class of 1883-1884 School Year




St. Benedicts Academy (1883-1909), St. Benedicts Monastery (convent), St. Joseph, Minnesota

Academy Class of 1883-1884

Front Row Sitting Left to Right: Neville Ensor, Mary Schwartz, Elizabeth Spies, Tillie Keepers, Barbara Venne, Margaret Sanz, Ursula Glatzmeier, Anna Herron, Bertha Linnemann, Carrie Smith, Alta Letson, Frances Pfannenstein, Lena Bernick, Mary Rhodes, Lucretia Mutschlecher.

Second Row, Sitting:  Rose Black, Mary Merten, Anna Brockmann, Theresa Schreiner, Margaret Klein, Stella LaComb, Margaret Kerst, Josephine Friend, Anna Wagner

Third Row Sitting:  Anna Kahl, Laura Bosworth, Margaret Lauermann, Magdalen Theisen, Barbara Eich

First Row Standing:  Eliza Darbelly, Louisa Maurin, Sister Alexia Kerst, Mary Roach, Clara Otto, Mary Kennedy

Second Row Standing, next to building:  Johanna Madigan, Mary Brockmann, Jennie McLean, Sister Bonaventure Kapsner, Margaret Claesgens, Margaret Farrell, Sarah Farrell, Louise Wall, Mattie Bosworth, Josie Smith, Mary Zimmer, Sarah Kelly, Lavina Huber, Sister Pius Roche, Sister Celestine Marschall, Josie Gerard, Mary Hoffmann

     While the sisters rejoiced at the increasing enrollment, they were concerned about maintaining a small enough Number to assure a homey atmosphere and a community spirit.  In the early 1880's, because many of the students were of grade-school age, there was a built-in family atmosphere in the academy.  Gradually, however, the academy drew students of high school age and older; by 1909 the academy was ready to consider offering college classes.  (Saint Benedict's Monastery Archives).


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