1870 Census of Zion Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 12 separate pages of the Zion Township census.
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Arndt, Albert
Arndt, Augusta
Arndt, Ferdinand
Arndt, Louisa
Arndt, Matilda
Arndt, Michael
Arndt, Minne
Arndt, Ragina
Arndt, William
Arndt, William
Back, Christian
Back, Mary
Back, Mary
Back, Valentine
Bhre , George
Bhre , Julius
Bhre , Paul
Bhre , Samuel
Bhre , Wilhelmina
Blanigen, Christof
Blanigen, Elizabeth
Blanigen, Elizabeth
Blanigen, Godardt
Blanigen, John
Blanigen, John
Blanigen, Joseph
Blanigen, Margaret
Blanigen, Mathew
Blanigen, Nicholas
Bokes, Earnest
Bokes, John
Davz, Mary
Davz, Mary
Davz, Michael
Davz, Michael
Fay, John
Fay, Margaret
Fay, Martin
Fay, Michael
Fishback, Annie
Fishback, August
Fishback, Caroline
Fishback, Catharine
Fishback, Eliza
Fishback, John
Fishback, John
Fishback, Margaret
Fishback, Margaret
Fishback, Mary
Fishback, Mary
Fishback, Mary
Fishback, Mathias
Fishback, Michael
Fishback, Nicholas
Fishback, Paul
Fishback, Peter
Garding, Agnes
Garding, John P
Garding, Lenard
Gritzmaker, Annie
Gritzmaker, Berta
Gritzmaker, Charles
Gritzmaker, F
Gritzmaker, H
Gritzmaker, Louisa
Gritzmaker, Sophia
Gritzmaker, W^m
Gritzmaker, Wilhelmina
Haft, August
Hass, Edward
Hass, John
Hass, Mary
Hass, Mathis
Haupt, Ani
Haupt, Annie
Haupt, Catharine
Haupt, John
Haupt, Mary
Haupt, Mary
Haupt, Mathis
Haupt, Michael
Haupt, Peter
Heisler, Annie
Heisler, Joseph
Heisler, Martin
Heisler, Nicholas
Heisler, Sophia
Helius, Gertrude
Helius, Mathias
Hier, Annie
Hier, Barbara
Hier, Fred
Hier, John
Hiesler, Andrew
Hiesler, Catharine
Hiesler, Catharine
Hiesler, Christian
Hiesler, Christian
Hiesler, Henry
Hiesler, Jacob
Hiesler, John
Hiesler, Joseph
Hiesler, Mary C
Hightka, Amelia
Hightka, Frank
Hightka, Frederich
Hightka, Godfrey
Hightka, Gusta
Hightka, Louisa
Hightka, Pauline
Hines, Anthony
Hines, Barbara
Hines, Catharine
Hines, Mary
Hines, Michael
Hines, Peter
Hines, Susan
Jager, Annie
Jager, Crazenz
Jager, Crazenz
Jager, Elizabeth
Jager, Jacob
Jager, John
Jager, John
Jager, Joseph
Jager, Josephine
Jager, Mary Ann
Jager, Michael
Jager, Richard
Jager, Rosilia
Jass, Frank
Jass, Frederich
Jass, John
Jass, Mary
Jass, Minnie
Jass, Minnie
Jass, Ralph
Jass, Tinna
Johannas, Ann
Johannas, Annie
Johannas, Barbet
Johannas, Catharine
Johannas, Margaretta
Johannas, Mary
Johannas, Nicholas
Johannas, Susana
Kent, Berta
Kent, Gotleib
Kent, Gustaff
Kent, Henrietta
Kent, Louisa
Kline, Catharine
Kline, Ferdinand
Kline, John P
Kline, Joseph
Kline, Mary
Koenigsruther, August
Koenigsruther, Barbara
Koenigsruther, Charles
Koenigsruther, Christian
Koenigsruther, Conrad
Koenigsruther, George
Koenigsruther, George
Koenigsruther, John
Kofp, Dorathy
Kofp, Ellen
Kofp, Gustaf
Kofp, Henry
Kofp, Lena
Kofp, Ludwic
Kofp, William
Kropka, Amelia
Kropka, Augusta
Kropka, Frank
Kropka, Fredricka
Kropka, Gotleib
Kropka, Gustaf
Kropka, Harman
Kropka, Louisa
Kropka, William
Krump, Barbara
Krump, Christopher
Krump, Helena
Krump, John
Krump, Margaret
Krump, Mathew
Krump, Mathis
Krump, Peter
Lauer, Annie
Lauer, Catharine
Lauer, Christian
Lauer, Christian
Lauer, Dorathy
Lauer, Johana
Lauer, Lenarz
Lauer, Mary
Leiser, Francisca
Leiser, Francisca
Leiser, Jacob
Leiser, John
Leiser, Mathis
Leiser, Michael
Leiser, Tracy
Lenster, Peter
Ley, Cecelia
Ley, Jacob
Ley, Mary
Ley, P. H.
Ley, Peter
Linard, Bernhard
Linster, Catharine
Linster, Dorathy
Linster, Paul
Linster, Pter
Loobrock, Caecelia
Loobrock, Henry
Loobrock, Henry
Loobrock, Margretta
Loobrock, Sophia
Manz, August
Manz, Emma
Manz, Harman
Manz, Ida
Manz, Mary
Mehr, Annie
Mehr, Catharine
Mehr, Eva
Mehr, Jacob
Mehr, Mathias
Miller, Andrew
Miller, August
Miller, Augusta
Miller, Barnhard
Miller, Casper
Miller, Catharine
Miller, Catharine
Miller, Christian
Miller, Christian
Miller, Dorathy
Miller, Edward
Miller, Frederich
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Martin
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary J
Miller, Mary K
Miller, Michael
Miller, Michael
Miller, Minnie
Miller, Sophia
Miller, Sophronia
Miller, William
Moede, Adolph
Moede, David
Moede, Dorathy
Moede, Fred
Moede, Fredrich
Moede, Harman
Moede, Maria
Moede, Regina
Mosche, Annie M
Mosche, Joseph
Mosche, Mary A
Myers, Barbara
Myers, Christian
Myers, Francis H
Myers, Gertrude
Myers, Hurbertus
Nearing, Aaron
Nearing, Annie
Nearing, Christoph
Nearing, Eliza
Nearing, Elizabeth
Nearing, Emma
Nearing, Emma
Nearing, F
Nearing, Ferdinand
Nearing, Frank
Nearing, George
Nearing, Helena
Nearing, John
Nearing, Julius
Nearing, Lena
Nearing, Louisa
Nearing, Mary
Nearing, Mary Ann
Nearing, Mathew
Nearing, Matilda
Nearing, Michael
Nearing, Samuel
Nearing, William
Planteka, Amelia
Planteka, Augusta
Planteka, France
Planteka, Gustaf
Planteka, Harman
Planteka, Louisa
Planteka, Michael
Planteka, Minnie
Rean, August
Rean, Christian
Rean, Elizabeth
Rean, Gotleib
Reaser, Albert
Reaser, Albert
Reaser, Emma
Reaser, Herman
Reaser, Susanah
Ruil, Elizabeth
Ruil, Peter
Sank, Annie
Sank, August
Sank, Augusta
Sank, Wilhelmina
Saur, Michael
Schaffer, Catherine
Schaffer, Conrad
Schaffer, Mary
Schaltz, Gusta
Schaltz, Michael
Schaltz, Michael
Schaltz, Minnie
Schilly, Annie
Schilly, George
Schilly, Gertrude
Schilly, John
Schilly, John
Schilly, Margaret
Schilly, Nicholas
Schilly, Peter
Schilly, Thomas
Schilly, William
Schlieb, Annie
Schlieb, Fironico
Schlieb, Henry
Schlieb, John
Schlieb, Kate
Schlieb, Michael
Schultz, August
Schultz, August
Schultz, August
Schultz, Augusta
Schultz, Augustina
Schultz, Gadfrey
Schultz, George
Schultz, Hearman
Schultz, Minnie
Schultz, Tina
Schultz, Wilhelmina
Schultz, Wilhelmina
Schultz, Wilhelmina
Schultz, William
Schultz, Willie
Seitz, Mary
Shaffer, Samuel
Shrivers, Christian
Shrivers, John
Shrivers, Joseph
Shrivers, Rosella
Smith, Annie
Smith, Charles
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Emma
Smith, Ferdinand
Smith, Henry
Smith, Lapina
Smith, Mary
Trowen, Annie
Trowen, Gertrud
Trowen, Johan
Trowen, John
Trowen, Mary A
Trowen, Michael
Uhlencott, Annie
Uhlencott, Elizabeth
Uhlencott, George
Uhlencott, Gertrude
Uhlencott, Harmon
Uhlencott, Harmon
Uhlencott, Harmon
Uhlencott, John
Uhlencott, John
Uhlencott, Joseph
Uhlencott, Margaret
Uhlencott, Marion
Uhlencott, Mary
Unger, Andrew
Unger, Christian
Unger, George
Unger, John
Unger, Lidia
Unger, Rosena
Wander, Casper
Wander, Catharine
Wander, Catharine
Wander, Jacob
Wander, John
Wander, Lenard
Wander, Mary
Weiber, August
Weiber, Augusta
Weiber, Huldah
Weiber, Sarah
Wentland, August
Wentland, Austina
Wentland, Christian
Wentland, Christian
Wentland, Fred
Wentland, Herman
Wentland, Johannah
Wentland, Johannah
Wentland, Mary
Wentland, Michael
Wentland, William
Wertz, Catharine
Wertz, Clarissa
Wertz, Elizabeth
Wertz, George
Wertz, Jacob
Wertz, John
Wertz, John
Wertz, Michael
Wertz, Peter
Wheeling, Barnard
Wheeling, Barnorde
Wheeling, Joseph
Wheeling, Kate
Wheeling, Laurance
Wheeling, Sophia
Wibber, Gotleib
Wibber, John
Wibber, Minnie
Wibber, Sophia
Wibber, William
Wies, Andrew
Wies, Antone
Wies, Catharine
Wies, George
Wies, Mathew
Wies, Michael
Wies, Peter
Wies, Peter
Wirtz, Catharine
Wirtz, Elizabeth
Wirtz, George
Wirtz, Jacob
Wirtz, John
Wirtz, John
Wirtz, Michael
Wirtz, Peter
Wirtz, Theresa
Wissel, Amelia
Wissel, Charles
Wissel, Christ
Wissel, Sophia
Yerka, Christian
Yerka, Ferdinand
Yerka, Louisa
Zable, Albert
Zable, August
Zable, Augusta
Zable, Ferdinand
Zable, Mary
Zable, Minne
Zable, Pauline
Zable, William