1870 Census of Wakefield Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 16 separate pages of the Wakefield Township census.
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Aberns, Anna
Arsenan, Christina
Arsenan, Elisabeth
Arsenan, John B
Arsenan, Johny
Arsenan, Joseph
Arsenan, Katharina
Arsenan, Mary J
Arsenan, Mathilda
Backer, Barbara
Backer, Elisabeth
Backer, Jacob
Backer, John
Backer, Joseph
Backer, Margareth
Backer, Nicolaus
Backer, Nicolaus
Badfink, Anton
Badfink, Charley
Badfink, Joseph
Barnberg, Elisabeth
Barnberg, Emma
Barnberg, John
Barnberg, Joseph
Barnberg, Katharina
Barnberg, Theodor
Barnberg, Theodor
Beck, Andreas
Beck, Angnese
Beck, Anna
Beck, Johann
Beck, Joseph
Beck, Katharina
Beck, Katharina
Beck, Maria
Beck, Mathilda
Beck, Theresia
Behning, Bernh
Blum, Anna
Blum, Anna M
Blum, Dietrich
Blum, Jacob
Blum, Maria
Blum, Simon
Bock, Angnes
Bock, John
Bock, Sybilla
Bock, Theodor
Bold, Elisabeth
Bold, Elisabeth
Bold, Jacob
Bold, John
Bold, Joseph
Bold, Katharina
Bold, Margareth
Bold, Philipp
Bold, William
Botz, Heinrich
Braun, Katharina
Braun, Nicolaus
Brecinius, Anna M.
Brecinius, Elisabeth
Brecinius, Katharina
Brecinius, Margaretha
Brecinius, Maria
Brecinius, N.
Brecinius, Nicolaus
Brecinius, Susanna
Brimmer, Anton
Brimmer, Elisabeth
Brimmer, Gesina
Brimmer, Johann
Brimmer, Maria
Brimmer, Theodor
Brinkler, Gerhard
Brinkler, Lukas
Brinkler, Nicolaus
Brummer, Anna M.
Brummer, Elisabeth
Brummer, Frank
Brummer, George
Brummer, George
Brummer, Johann
Brummer, Joseph
Brummer, Maria
Brummer, Maria A
Buss, Charles
Buss, Charles W
Dietrich, George
Dietrich, Jacob
Dietrich, Margaretha
Dietrich, Margaretha
Dietrich, Maria
Dietrich, Philipp
Dietrich, Veit
Dietz, Anna
Dietz, Anna W
Dietz, Elisabeth
Dietz, Elisabeth
Dietz, Gerdruth
Dietz, Joseph
Dietz, Joseph
Dietz, Maria
Eichers, Anna
Eichers, Anna
Eichers, Barbara
Eichers, Barbara
Eichers, John
Eichers, Maria
Eichers, Michael
Eichers, Michael
Eichers, Nicolaus
Eichers, Susanna
Fadden, A Ellen
Fadden, David G
Fadden, Joseph
Fadden, Laura C
Fadden, Sarah J
Ficker, Anna
Ficker, Elisabeth
Ficker, John
Ficker, Joseph
Ficker, Katharina
Ficker, Margareth
Ficker, Stephen
Ficker, Theodora
Flind, Hermann
Flind, Johannes L
Flind, Katharina
Friedmann, Dionisius
Friedmann, Jacob
Friedmann, Jacob
Friedmann, Joseph
Friedmann, Magdalena
Friedmann, Maria A
Friedmann, Mary
Frumwalde, Anna B
Frumwalde, Anna M
Frumwalde, Bernhard
Frumwalde, Frank
Frumwalde, Franz
Frumwalde, Johanns
Fuchs, Apolonia
Fuchs, August
Fuchs, Elisabeth
Fuchs, Gerdruth
Fuchs, Gerdruth
Fuchs, Johann
Fuchs, John
Fuchs, Joseph
Fuchs, Maria A.
Fuchs, Michael
Fuchs, Nicolaus
Fuchs, Peter
Fuchs, Querrin
Fuchs, Wilhelm
Ganser, Anna
Ganser, Jacob
Ganser, Johann
Ganser, Katharina
Ganser, Nicolaus
Ganser, Peter
Ganson, Josephina
Gerdy, Bernhard
Gerdy, John
Gerdy, Margaretha
Gerdy, Mathias
Gering, Andreas
Gering, Andreas
Gering, Barbara
Gering, Margaretha
Gering, Margaretha
Gering, Peter
Gerkin, Anna M
Gerkin, Heinrich
Gerkin, Helena
Gerkin, Kerisina
Gerkin, Theodor
Golob, John
Guossen, Charles
Guossen, Henry
Guossen, James
Guossen, Katy
Guossen, Mary A
Gusebach, Gerdruth
Gusebach, John
Gusebach, Maria
Hanson, Katharina
Hanson, Martha
Hanson, Nicolaus
Hanson, Rosina
Hanson, Theresia
Haymann, Jacob
Haymann, Katharina
Hein, Hubert
Hein, Joseph
Hein, Katharine
Hein, Maria
Henneman, John
Hennemann, Elisabeth
Hennemann, Gerdruth
Hennemann, Juliana
Hennemann, Katharina
Hennemann, Maria
Hensius, Annie
Hensius, Bernhard
Hensius, Elisabeth
Hensius, Jacob
Hensius, John
Hensius, Katharina
Hensius, Margaretha
Hensius, Maria
Hensius, Mathias
Hensius, Nicolaus
Heust, Gerdruth
Horsmann, Agnes
Horsmann, Anna
Horsmann, Daniel D
Horsmann, Jane
Horsmann, John
Horsmann, Katharina
Horsmann, Maria
Jelley, Frans
Jelley, Katharina
Jelley, M. Josephine
Jelley, Margareth
Jelley, Margaretha
Jelley, Maria K
Jelley, Peter
Johnson, Fredrich
Jung, Bernhard
Jung, Elisabeth
Jung, Gerhard
Jung, Heinrich
Jung, Hermann
Jung, Joseph
Jung, Joseph
Jung, Theresia
Jung, Wilhelm
Kelner, Anna
Kelner, Fransisca
Kelner, Fransisca
Kelner, Michael
Kelner, Peter
Kelner, Theresia
Kerl, Johann
Kerl, Margaretha
Kerl, Mary
Kitten, Johann
Kitten, Katharina
Kitten, Margaretha
Kitten, Maria
Kitten, Theodor
Klein, Anna B
Klein, Barbara
Klein, Frans
Klein, Franz
Klein, Franz
Klein, Johann
Klein, John
Klein, Margareth
Klein, Margaretha
Klein, Mathias
Klein, Mathias
Klein, Nicolaus
Klein, Peter
Klostermann, Anna
Klostermann, Frank
Klostermann, Henry
Klostermann, Katharina
Knaus, Alisius
Knaus, Elisabeth
Knaus, Johann
Knaus, John
Knaus, John
Knaus, Joseph
Knaus, Katharina
Knaus, Louis
Knaus, Louis
Knaus, Magdalena
Knaus, Magdalena
Knaus, Magdalena
Knaus, Magdalena
Knaus, Martin
Knaus, Nicolaus
Knaus, Wilhelmina
Knaus, William
Knorr, Bernhard
Koetter, Johann
Koetter, John
Koetter, Katharina
Koetter, Katharina
Koetter, Margareth
Koetter, Margaretha
Koetter, Maria
Koetter, Maria
Koetter, Maria A
Koetter, Regina
Koetter, Theodor
Koll, Lorance
Kossler, Andreas
Kossler, Anna
Kossler, Barbara
Kossler, Cacilia
Kossler, Cacilia
Kossler, Elisabeth
Kossler, Euphronia
Kossler, Frans
Kossler, Fransisca
Kossler, Johan B
Kossler, Maria
Kossler, Ursala
Kotschevar, John
Kraus, George
Kuhn, Anna
Kuhn, Christine
Kuhn, Franz
Kuhn, Gotthard
Kuhn, John
Kuhn, Margaretha
Kuhn, Therese
Kweck, Johann
Latner, Anna
Latner, John
Latner, Karl
Latner, Katharina
Latner, Katy
Latner, Margaretha
Latner, Mary
Latner, Nicolaus
Latner, Nicolaus
Lauer, Anna M
Lavake, George M
Lavake, Jennie
Lenger, Christian
Lenger, Elisabeth
Lenger, Mathias
Lies, Frans
Lies, Fransisca
Lies, Michael
Lies, Peter
Lies, Susanna
Luell, Anton
Luell, Anton
Luell, Bertha
Luell, Francisca
Luell, Mathilda
Luell, Otilia
Luell, Robert
Luell, Theresia
Luell, Wenzel
Manor, James
Manor, Julian
Maurin, Anna
Maurin, Fransisca
Maurin, Louisa
Maurin, Maria A
Maurin, Markus
Maurin, Mathilda
Maurin, Peter
Meyer, Leisbeth
Meyer, Maria
Meyer, Peter
Meyer, Peter
Michels, Angnes
Michels, Anna J
Michels, Anna M
Michels, Joseph
Michels, Louis
Michels, Margareth
Michels, Nicolaus
Moehler, Anna M.
Moehler, Heinrich
Moehler, Maria G
Neumanns, John
Nierenhausen, Frank
Nierenhausen, John
Nierenhausen, Katharina
Nierenhausen, Margareth
Nierenhausen, Peter
Nirenhausen, Kath.
Nis, Christian
Ostendorf, Anna
Ostendorf, Heinrich
Ostendorf, Heinrich
Ostendorf, Joseph
Ostendorf, Katharina
Picki, Christian
Picki, Martin
Rankin, Peter
Reater, Anna
Reater, Anna
Reater, Margaretha
Reater, Michael
Reater, Nicolaus
Reater, Nicolaus
Reater, Peter
Richter, Anton
Richter, Gerdruth
Riehle, Andreas
Riehle, Bartholome
Riehle, Ursala
Riehm, Elisabeth
Riehm, Elisabeth
Riehm, Johann
Riehm, Johann
Riehm, Katharine
Riehm, Margareth
Riehm, Mathias
Riehm, Susanna
Rigemer, Andreas
Robert, Appolonia
Robert, Jacob
Schackmann, Katharina
Schackmann, Michael
Schatz, Anna
Schatz, William
Schepperfield, Charley
Schilds, Mathias
Schmidt, Angelica
Schmidt, Anna K
Schmidt, Anna M
Schmidt, Anton
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Katharina
Schmidt, Martha
Schmidt, Mathias
Schmidt, Michael
Schmidt, Nicolaus
Schmidt, Peter
Schneider, Andreas
Schneider, Andreas
Schneider, Elisabeth
Schneider, John
Schneider, Katharina
Schneider, Margareth
Schneider, Margareth
Schneider, Theresia
Scholesnisk, U.
Schrammel, Joseph
Schrammel, Maria
Schrammel, Michael
Schrammel, Michael
Schrammel, Theresia
Schrammel, Theresia
Schuetz, Susanna
Schuhmacher, H.
Schultenkemper, Berh
Seidler, Sebastian
Seiter, Susanna
Seits, A. Maria
Seits, Anna
Seits, Anna M.
Seits, Bonefacius
Seits, Joseph
Seits, Joseph
Seits, Margaretha
Seits, Michael
Seits, Theresia
Siegler, Kiliam
Siegler, Stephen
Siegler, Theresia
Sister, Tante
Sitter, Anton
Slatken, Mathias
Steil, Elisabeth
Steil, Elisabeth
Steil, Maria
Steil, Mathias
Steil, Nicolaus
Steil, Peter
Stevenson, John
Stoekel, John
Tarborg, Anna
Tarborg, Elisabeth
Tarborg, Gerhard
Tarborg, Hermann
Tarborg, Hermann
Tarborg, Katharina
Tarborg, Margaretha
Tarborg, Maria
Theis, Cacilia
Theis, Christoph
Theis, Elisabeth
Theis, Elisabeth
Theis, John
Theis, Katharina
Theis, Maria
Theis, Maria
Theis, Michael
Theis, Nicolaus
Theis, Nicolaus
Theis, Nicolaus
Theis, Peter
Theis, Susanna
Theisen, Anna
Theisen, Anna M
Theisen, Margareth
Theisen, Maria
Theisen, Mathias
Theisen, Peter
Theisen, Peter
Thelen, John
Tholen, Anna
Tholen, Christina
Tholen, Elisabeth
Tholen, Johann
Tholen, Katharina
Tholen, Leonard
Tholen, Mary
Tholen, Mathias
Tholl, Susanna
Threis, Christian
Thull, Christina
Thull, Elisabeth
Thull, M. Anna
Thull, Philipp
Thull, Susanna
Troentle, Crecencia
Troentle, Kiliam
Troentle, Peter
Troentle, Wilhelm
Uhling, Anna
Uhling, Heinrich
Uhling, Heinrich
Voelk, Anna
Voelk, Bangratz
Voelk, Joseph
Voelk, Maria
Voelk, Maria
Voelk, Theresia
Wedel, Anna
Wedel, August
Wedel, Elias
Wedel, Elias
Wedel, Elisabeth
Wedel, Gotthard
Wedel, Johann
Wedel, Maria
Wedel, Michael
Wedel, Rosina
Wedel, Rosina
Weeld, Johny
Weeld, Julia
Weeld, Maria
Weres, Christian
Weres, Hermann
Weres, Maria
Weres, Theodor
Weres, Theodore
Whitford, Angnes
Whitford, Clara B
Whitford, John
Whitford, John W
Whitford, Laura J
Wieseckel, Barbara
Wieseckel, John
Wieseckel, Joseph
Wieseckel, Margareth
Wieseckel, Nicolaus
Wieseckel, Theresia
Wieseckel, Wolfgang
Wilcius, Angelina
Wilcius, Angnes
Wilcius, Anna M
Wilcius, John N
Wilcius, Margaretha
Wilcius, Mathias
Wilcius, Mathias
Wilcius, Nicolaus
Wines, Anna
Wines, Heinrich
Wines, Heinrich
Wines, Margaretha
Wines, Maria
Wines, Maria
Wines, Peter
Winter, August
Wirthmann, Casper
Wirthmann, Elisabeth
Wirthmann, Heinrich
Wirthmann, Johann
Wirthmann, John
Wirthmann, Joseph
Wirthmann, Margaretha
Wirthmann, Maria
Witzemann, Anna
Witzemann, Elisabeth
Witzemann, Maria
Witzemann, Michael
Witzemann, Nicolaus
Witzemann, Paul
Witzemann, Susanna
Wolf, Peter
Yelley, Gothard H.
Yelley, John N
Yelley, Mary A
Yelley, Peter F
Yelley, Theresia C
Yinger, Christian
Yinger, Elisabeth
Yinger, Johann
Yinger, Karl
Yinger, Katharina
Yinger, Nicolaus
Zeidel, Franzisca
Zulieger, Frans
Zulieger, Johann
Zulieger, Joseph
Zulieger, Joseph
Zulieger, Theresia
Zweck, E. Maria