1870 Census of St. Martin Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 14 separate pages of the St. Martin Township census.
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Aagenes, Annie
Aagenes, Barnard
Aagenes, Frank
Aagenes, Frank
Aagenes, John
Aagenes, Joseph
Barbeln, Catharine
Barbeln, Joseph
Barbeln, Mary Ann
Barbeln, Nicholas
Barbeln, Peter
Baus, Annie
Baus, George
Baus, George
Baus, John
Baus, Joseph
Baus, Margaret
Baus, Margaret
Baus, Mary
Baus, Michael
Bosworth, Charles C
Bosworth, Elizabeth
Bosworth, John N
Bosworth, Lora A
Bosworth, Pheba M
Bosworth, W^m
Bosworth, William C
Brand, W^m
Bratback, Elizabeth
Bratback, Gerhard
Bratback, Gertrude
Bratback, Gertrude
Bratback, Joseph
Bratback, Mary
Bratback, Nick
Bratback, Peter
Braun, Elizabeth
Braun, Mary
Braun, Nicholas
Butter, Lalley
Butter, Mary E
Calberg, Oley
Carpth, Andrew
Carpth, George M
Carpth, John
Carpth, Mary
Crim, Charles
Daniel, Barny
Dedrick, Agnes
Dedrick, Andrew
Dedrick, Aplon
Dedrick, Catharine
Dedrick, Christena
Dedrick, John
Dedrick, Joseph
Dedrick, Lucy
Dedrick, Mary
Dedrick, Penkow
Deffnes, Annie
Deffnes, Charles
Deffnes, Elizabeth
Deffnes, Mary
Deffnes, Nicholas
Deffnes, Victoria
Eis, Catharine
Eis, Catharine
Eis, Maies
Failing, Annie
Failing, Burnard
Failing, Gerhald
Failing, Johann
Failing, John
Failing, Mary
Failing, Mary
Failing, Peter J
Felles, Catharine
Ferbers, Catharine
Ferbers, Christinia
Ferbers, Elizabeth
Ferbers, Hobart
Ferbers, John
Ferbers, John Henry
Ferbers, Margretta
Ferbers, Mary
Ferbers, Susan
Fersaby, Jane
Fersaby, Samuel
Flesch, Annie
Flesch, Barney
Flesch, Caroline
Flesch, John L
Flesch, Margetta
Flesch, Mary A
Flint, Catharine
Flint, James
Flint, John
Flint, Kate
Flint, Maggie A
Flint, Mary
Flint, Nora
Flint, Patrick
Frederick, Joseph
Frevel, Catharine
Frevel, Henry
Frevel, Mary
Frevel, Mathes
Frevel, P F
Fursenberg, Gertrude
Fursenberg, John
Fursenberg, Joseph
Fursenberg, Laurens
Fursenberg, Mary
Gau, Annie C
Gau, Catharine
Gau, Catharine
Gau, Frank
Gau, George D
Gau, Joseph
Gau, Joseph H
Gau, Laurin
Gau, Margretta
Gau, Mary
Gau, Mary
Gau, Mathias
Gau, Mathias
Gau, Peter J
Gau, Servatus
Geltel, George
Geltel, Joseph
Geltel, Joseph
Gilles, Andrew
Gilles, Annie
Gilles, Catharine
Gilles, George
Gilles, John
Gilles, Mary
Gilles, Mary
Gilles, Mathew
Gilles, Mathew
Gilles, N.
Gross, Annie
Gross, Cathaonia
Gross, Catherine
Gross, John
Gross, John
Gross, Joseph
Gross, Mathew
Gross, Stephen
Gross, THeadore
Hachevar, John
Hachevar, Mary
Hachevar, Mathias
Hachevar, Mathias
Hahn, Annie
Hahn, Catharine
Hahn, John
Hahn, Margaret
Hahn, Mary
Hahn, Mary
Hahn, Peter
Hahn, Susanah
Hahn, Valantine
Halar, Frank
Haley, Annie
Haley, Mary Ellen
Haley, Rosena
Haley, Timothy
Hallman, Mary Ann
Hallman, Mathias
Hamb, Annie M
Hamb, Catharine
Hamb, Conrad
Hamb, George
Hamb, Henry
Hamb, John J
Hamb, Mary
Hamb, Mathias
Hamb, Rahena
Heinen, Catharine
Heinen, Hubart
Heinen, Mary
Heinen, Mathias
Heinen, Nicholas
Heinen, Susanah
Hentz, Annie
Hentz, Casper
Hentz, Catharin
Hentz, Elizabeth
Hentz, Frederich
Hentz, John
Hentz, Wilhelm
Hickel, Joseph
Hickel, Tracy
Hickel, Tracy
Hinnon, Annie
Hinnon, Catharine
Hinnon, Joseph
Hinnon, Nicholos
Hinsler, Annie C
Hinsler, Christina
Hinsler, Gertrude
Hinsler, John
Hinsler, Mary Ann
Hinsler, Peter
Hukl, Annie
Hukl, Daniel
Hukl, John
Hukl, Mathias
Hukl, Peter
Hukl, Susanah
Hullman, Mary Ann
Hullman, Mathias
Jacbs, Annie
Jacbs, Lauy
Jeaser, Annie
Jeaser, Apolonia
Jeaser, C.
Jeaser, Catharine
Jeaser, Celia
Jeaser, Peter
Kehl, August
Kerkoff, Annie
Kerkoff, Caroline
Kerkoff, Catharine
Kerkoff, Catharine
Kerkoff, Edward
Kerkoff, Elizabeth
Kerkoff, Lonrad
Kerkoff, Mary
Kimble, Harman
Koenigs, Nicholas
Krebsback, Apolona
Krebsback, Catharine
Krebsback, J P
Krebsback, Joseph
Krebsback, Joseph
Krebsback, Margretta
Krebsback, Peter
Langerfeld, J A
Lenarz, Annie
Lenarz, Annie M
Lenarz, Barbara
Lenarz, Catharine
Lenarz, Henry
Lenarz, Mary Elizabeth
Lenarz, Nicholas
Lenarz, Nicholas
Lenarz, William
Lenz, Christian
Lenz, F W
Lenz, Mary
Lenz, Mary A
Ley, Michael
Little, Albert
Little, Fanny A
Little, Harriet E
Little, Jane
Little, John
Little, Joseph W
Lyman, B
Lyman, Christopher
Lyman, David
Lyman, John
Lyman, Julia
Lyman, Julia
Lyman, Mary
Lyman, Patrick
Lyman, Thomas
Mclone, Mary
Michael, John
Michaels, Annie
Michaels, Catharine
Michaels, Mathes
Michaels, Mathias
Michaels, Nicholas
Michaels, Peter
Michaels, Peter John
Micksehe, Antone
Micksehe, Frank
Micksehe, John L
Micksehe, Mary
Micksehe, Mary
Mitchel, Alfred J
Mitchel, Annie M
Mitchel, Ellen
Mitchel, Ellen J
Mitchel, Joseph
Mitchel, Joseph Jr
Mitchel, Mary A
Mitchel, Vincent F
Mitchel, William
Muckles, A S
Muckles, M
Muckles, Mary Annie
Muellenmeister, Albion P
Muellenmeister, Flora A.
Muellenmeister, Menne Frida
Muellenmeister, Theo
Nett, Andrew
Nett, Lucy
Newman, -
Newman, John
Newman, Mathia
Newman, Sebena
Noelean, Alie
Noll, Anne Mariah
Noll, Annie
Noll, Apalona
Noll, John C
Noll, Joseph
Noll, Martin
Nuenberg, Catharine
Nuenberg, Gertrude
Nuenberg, Laney
Nuenberg, Mathias
Nuenberg, Stephes
Oakley, David
Oakley, Jane
Oakley, William
Olmchenk, Christina
Olmchenk, John
Olmchenk, Louis
Olmchenk, Mary
Olmchenk, Mary J
Olmchenk, Maryannie
Olmchenk, Nicholas
Olmchenk, Susanah
Olmsbenk, Carolina
Olmsbenk, Charley
Olmsbenk, Daniel
Olmsbenk, Dominicus
Olmsbenk, Hurbert
Olmsbenk, Kate
Olmsbenk, Margaret
Olmsbenk, Mary
Olmsbenk, Peter
Olmsheid, Christine
Olmsheid, John
Olmsheid, Ludwick
Olmsheid, Mary
Olmsheid, Mary Anne
Olmsheid, Maryetta
Olmsheid, Nicholas
Olmsheid, Susanah
Ordman, Joseph
P, Carolin
P, Joseph
Petri, A
Petri, Annie Bar
Petri, Anthon
Petri, Catharine
Petri, Henry
Petri, John Martin
Petri, Mary
Pillsbery, Ebin
Pillsbery, Hannah
Pillsbery, Martha C
Pillsbery, William O
Pring, Annie Mary
Pring, Annie Mary
Pring, Peter
Pring, Peter
Pring, Peter Joseph
Rauch, Annie
Rauch, Catharine
Rauch, Christian
Rauch, Elizabeth
Rauch, John T
Rauch, Joseph
Rauch, Mary Ann
Rauch, Nicholas
Rauch, Peter
Rauch, Rosena
Raush, Christan
Raush, John
Raush, Mary
Raush, Mary Anne
Raush, Michael
Rosier, Annie
Rosier, Annie Mary
Rosier, Frank
Rosier, Harman
Rosier, Joseph
Rosier, Mathes
Salchet, Achnots
Salchet, Catharine
Salchet, Gertrude
Salchet, John
Salchet, John
Salchet, Joseph
Salchet, Mary
Schoenberg, Catharine
Schoenberg, John
Shaffer, Annie C
Shaffer, Elizabeth
Shaffer, Gertrude
Shaffer, Henry
Shaffer, John P
Shaffer, Margaret
Shaffer, Stephen
Shay, Annie
Shay, Catharine
Shay, David
Shay, Ellen
Shay, Johannah
Shay, Kate
Shay, Margaret
Shay, Martin
Shay, Martin
Shay, Mary
Shay, Michael
Shay, Patsey
Shhell, Barbara
Shhell, Magdelan
Shhell, Margaret
Shhell, Mary
Shhell, Rahemia
Shhell, Simeon
Shoenbarn, Ann
Shoenborn, C.
Shoenborn, Catharine
Shoenborn, F. W.
Shoenborn, J. A
Shoenborn, Mary
Shomaker, Mathias
Slatery, Ann
Slatery, Edmond
Slatery, John
Slatery, Margret
Slatery, Michael
Slatery, Patrick J
Slatery, Philip
Smith, Catharine
Smith, David
Smith, David H
Smith, George
Smith, John
Smith, Louisa
Smithe, Annie
Smithe, Barbara
Smithe, John
Smithe, Nicholas
Smithe, Peter
Snyder, Andrew
Snyder, Andrew
Snyder, Ann C
Snyder, Carl Joseph
Snyder, Caroline
Snyder, John
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Rinehold
Spates, Catharine
Spates, John
Spates, Joseph
Spates, Joseph
Spates, Magdelan
Spates, Mathew
Spates, Zephes
Statberger, Andrew
Statberger, Annie
Statberger, Annie
Statberger, Annie
Statberger, Carl
Statberger, Catharine
Statberger, Gerald
Statberger, Joseph
Statberger, Lalara
Stern, Albert
Stern, Elizabeth
Stern, John
Stern, Joseph
Stern, Mary
Stern, Peter
Theres, Catharine
Theres, Catharine
Theres, Elizabeth
Theres, Faronaca
Theres, Gertrude
Theres, John
Theres, Peter J
Theres, Susanah
Thoney, Bartholme
Thoney, Catharine
Thoney, F William
Thoney, Mathew
Twichell, Almana M
Twichell, Rayal
Unger, Annie
Unger, Catharine
Unger, Christian
Unger, Dora
Unger, Elizabeth
Unger, John
Unger, John F
Unger, William
Valley, Christophe
Valley, Elizabeth
Waldoff, Catharine
Waldoff, Catharine
Waldoff, Elizabeth
Waldoff, Frank
Waldoff, Hobard
Waldoff, John W
Waldoff, Mathias
Waldoff, Peter
Wangler, Peter
Wasche, Edward
Wasche, Edward
Wasche, Elizabeth
Wasche, Frank
Wasche, John
Wasche, Josephene
Wasche, Mary
Wasche, Minnie
Wasche, Peter
Weaver, Annie
Weaver, Catharina
Weaver, Hobard
Weaver, Margaret
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Mathias
Weiman, Elizabeth
Weiman, Hannah
Weiman, John
Weiman, John
Wener, Carl
Wener, Catharine
Wener, John
Wener, Josephene
Wener, Mathes
Wener, Nicholas
Wener, Philip
Wener, Thomas
Wilson, Lewis
Winters, Adam
Winters, Annie
Winters, Frank
Winters, George
Winters, John
Winters, John J
Winters, Joseph
Winters, Mary
Winters, Mary
Winters, Mike
Winters, Paules
Winters, Peter
Winters, Terrice
Zeno, Celia
Zeno, John
Zeno, Joseph
Zeno, Magdalene
Zeno, Mary
Zeno, Mathias
Zeno, Och
Zeno, Walberga