1870 Census of St. Cloud Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 15 separate pages of the St. Cloud Township census.
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Atkinson, Henry
Baker, Frank H
Baker, John
Baker, Mariam
Baker, Mary E.
Baker, Ora E
Blemel, Johan
Blemel, Katharina
Boardman, Emaline
Boardman, Maria R
Boardman, N
Bowmann, C
Bowmann, George
Bowmann, Mary
Branley, Hanna
Branley, John
Branley, Katherina
Branley, Margaretha
Branley, Mary
Branley, Math
Brecinius, Anna
Brecinius, Ferdinand
Brecinius, Margaretha
Brecinius, Maria
Brecinius, Michael
Brecinius, Susanna
Brecinius, Wilhelm
Bredic, Anna
Bredic, Elisabeth
Bredic, Joseph
Bredic, Katharina
Bredic, Lena
Bredic, Margaretha
Bredic, Mary
Bredic, Peter
Bringmann, B
Bringmann, Dina
Bringmann, Heinrich
Bringmann, Johan
Bringmann, Katharina
Brodie, Bernhard
Brodie, Bernhard
Brodie, Elisabeth
Brodie, John
Brodie, Magdalena
Brodie, Margaretha
Brodie, Petrus
Brodie, Querin
Brumschenkel, Jacob
Brumschenkel, John
Brumschenkel, Joseph
Brumschenkel, Katharina
Brumschenkel, Margaretha
Brumschenkel, Michael
Brumschenkel, N.
Brumschenkel, Theresia
Budler, Henry
Burts, Christian
Camel, John
Camel, John L
Castop, Theresia
Clark, Albert
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Cornelius
Clark, Henry
Clark, Virnice
Clausen, Ada
Clausen, Albert
Clausen, C. J
Clausen, Elisa
Clausen, Elma
Clausen, Ernest
Clausen, Ida
Clausen, Nettie
Clement, Asa
Clement, Carolina
Clement, Charles
Clement, George
Clement, James
Collinsworth, John
Collinsworth, Joseph
Cornell, Amalia
Cornell, Isabella
Cornell, James
Cornell, Mary A
Cornell, Sarah
Cornell, Susan A
Cornell, Thomas
Cornell, William T
Craven, Peter
Dockemeyer, B.
Dockemeyer, Maria F
Dodge, Alfonse A
Dodge, Almira
Dodge, Alvonzo
Dodge, Amos
Dodge, Benjamin
Dodge, Edward
Dodge, Elisabeth
Dodge, Elisabeth
Dodge, George
Dodge, Janeson
Dodge, W. Schott
Doerner, August
Doerner, Edward
Doerner, Elisabeth
Doerner, Elisabeth
Doerner, John
Doerner, Marianna
Doerner, Theodor
Eagen, Anna
Eagen, Arnold
Eagen, Fransisca
Eagen, George
Eagen, Katharina
Eagen, Mary
Eagen, Rosalia
Ferguson, Mariette
Fischer, Agada
Fischer, Albert
Fischer, Anton
Fischer, Christina
Fischer, Heinrich
Fischer, Helena
Fischer, John
Fischer, Joseph
Fischer, Lorenz
Fischer, Magdalena
Fischer, Paulus
Fischer, Rosa
Florier, Jacob
Florier, Margaretha
Franks, Briget
Franks, William
Frantzick, Henry
Getchell, Edna
Getchell, Jossie B
Getchell, Sally
Getchell, Waltis
Getchell, William
Goetter, Anna
Goetter, Bernhard
Goetter, H. J.
Goetter, Henry
Goetter, Hermann
Goetter, John
Goetter, Katha
Goetter, Mary
Gross, Anna
Gross, Bernhard
Gross, Elisabeth
Gross, Helena
Gross, Johan
Gross, Johny
Gross, Katharina
Gross, Margaretha
Gross, Sophia
Hartmann, Charles
Hartmann, Ferdinand
Hartmann, Katharina
Hartmann, Kunigundi
Hartmann, Margaretha
Hartmann, Maria
Hartmann, Philipp
Hartmann, Susanne
Harvart, Elvira
Harvart, George
Hauck, Charles
Heiner, Gerdruth
Heiner, Johan
Heiner, Magdalena
Heiner, Matthew
Heiner, Nicolaus
Heltimes, Anna K
Heltimes, Jacob
Heltimes, Johann
Heltimes, Joseph
Heltimes, Mathias
Heltimes, Peter
Hesieke, Will
Hillmeyer, Stephen
Himenz, Adam
Himenz, Anna
Himenz, Franciska
Himenz, Frans
Himenz, Frans H
Himenz, Fransiska
Himenz, Maria
Himenz, Rosa
Himenz, Rosa M
Hines, Isaac
Hohmann, Alfons
Hohmann, Anna
Hohmann, Jacob
Hohmann, Joseph
Hohmann, L.
Hohmann, Peter
Hollenhorst, Bernhardina
Hollenhorst, Bernhardina
Hollenhorst, Freedrich
Hollenhorst, Josephina
Hollenhorst, Wilhelm
Jaeger, Adam
Jaeger, Adam
Jaeger, Anna
Jaeger, Elisabeth
Jaeger, John
Jaeger, Joseph
Jaeger, Katharina
Jaeger, Katharina
Jaeger, Lina
Jaeger, Sophia
Jager, Adam
Jager, Adam
Jager, Anna
Jager, Elisabeth
Jager, Eva
Jager, Helena
Jager, John
Jager, Joseph
Jager, Katharina
Jager, Katharina
Jennemann, Bernhard
Jennemann, Heinrich
Jennemann, John
Jennemann, Joseph
Jennemann, Katharina
Jennemann, Louis
Jennemann, Maria
Jennemann, Maria A
Jennemann, N
Jennemann, Nikol
Kiermeyer, Anna
Kiermeyer, Bernhard
Kiermeyer, George
Kiermeyer, John
Kiermeyer, John
Kiermeyer, Katharina
Kiermeyer, Katharina
Kiermeyer, Michael
Kiermeyer, Peter
Kiermeyer, Rosa
Kifmeyer, Bernh.
Kifmeyer, Bernhard
Kifmeyer, Elisabeth
Kifmeyer, Gerdruth
Kifmeyer, Henry
Kifmeyer, Hermann
Kilian, A. E.
Kilian, Elisabeth
Kilian, Heinrich
Kilian, Henry
Kilian, Theresia
Kirschmauer, Bernhard
Kirschmauer, Emma
Kirschmauer, George
Kirschmauer, Hanna
Kirschmauer, John
Kirschmauer, John
Kirschmauer, Katha
Kirschmauer, Katharina
Kirschmauer, Michael
Kirschmauer, Peter
Kirschmauer, Rossalia
Klein, John B
Kloepper, Elisabeth
Kloepper, Heinrich
Kloepper, Hermann
Kloepper, Katharina
Kloepper, Mary
Kloepper, William
Krazenberger, Helena
Krazenberger, Joseph
Kreiner, W. A.
Kroenig, Anton
Kroenig, Heinrich
Kroenig, Helena
Kroenig, Herman
Kruegel, Carolina
Kruegel, Edward
Kruegel, Julia
Kruegel, Paulina
Kruegel, Robert
Kruegel, Rosalia
Kruegel, William
Kuhr, Bernhard
Kuhr, Frederick
Kuhr, Frederick
Kuhr, Heinrich
Kuhr, Joseph
Kuhr, Lena
Kuhr, Maria A
Kuhr, Maria C
Lahr, Jacob
Lahr, Maria
Lahr, Maria
Lahr, Michael
Lahr, Peter
Lahr, Peter
Lambert, John
Lauer, Bernhard
Lauer, Edward
Lauer, George
Lauer, John
Lauer, John
Lauer, Joseph
Lauer, Manuel
Lauer, Margaretha
Lauer, Margaretha
Lauer, Mary
Lauer, Nicolaus
Lauer, Valentin
Lauermann, John
Lautenbach, A.
Lautenbach, Anna Maria
Lautenbach, Anton
Lautenbach, Benedict
Lautenbach, Dorethea
Lautenbach, Elisabeth
Lautenbach, Heinrich
Lautenbach, Heinrich
Lautenbach, Heinrich
Lautenbach, Hermann
Lautenbach, Joseph
Lautenbach, Joseph
Lautenbach, Katharina
Lautenbach, Katharina
Lehmeier, Anna
Lehmeier, Benedict
Lehmeier, Jacob
Lehmeier, Katha
Lehmeier, Ludwich
Lehmeier, Maria
Lehmeier, Mary
Lehmeier, Mich.
Lehmeier, Nicolaus
Leifle, John
Leim, Katharina
Leim, Maria
Leim, Mathias
Lenk, Joseph
Lippermeyer, Anna
Lippermeyer, Anna
Lippermeyer, Anton
Lippermeyer, F.
Lippermeyer, Josephina
Lippermeyer, M
Lippermeyer, Maria
Lippermeyer, Mary
Lippermeyer, Mary
Lippermeyer, Stephen
Lippermeyer, Stephen
Lippermeyer, Theresia
Marell, Robert
Marvin, D. M.
Marvin, G. L
Marvin, H. E
Marvin, J. F.
Marvin, J. M
Marvin, M. E.
Marvin, W. Z.
McCarty, Charles
McCarty, Florence
McCarty, Florenz
McCarty, Hanna
McCarvan, T
McOuil, Sam
Mockenhaupht, L
Mockenhaupht, Margaretha
Mockenhaupt, August
Mockenhaupt, Charles
Mockenhaupt, Elisabeth
Mog, Angnaise
Mog, Anna
Mog, Anna
Mog, Bernhard
Mog, Elisabeth
Mog, John
Mog, Joseph
Mog, Mary
Morill, Mary A.
Muck, Helena
Muck, Johanna
Muck, Katharina
Muck, Katharina
Muck, Peter
Muck, William
Neckrig, Alois
Neckrig, Bertha
Neckrig, Elisabeth
Neckrig, Johan
Neckrig, Joseph
Neidhard, Elisabeth
Neidhard, Elisabeth
Neidhard, George
Neidhard, Joseph
Neidhard, Maria
Neidhard, Peter
Oleson, Emil
Patterson, Estella
Patterson, Ethel
Patterson, Mary
Patterson, William
Patterson, William
Pettey, S. C.
Richter, Anna
Richter, August
Richter, Barbara
Richter, Bernhard
Richter, Elisabeth
Richter, Elisabeth
Richter, Elisabeth
Richter, Fredrick G
Richter, Henry
Richter, Johann
Richter, John
Richter, John
Richter, Katharina
Richter, Philipp
Richter, Philipp
Riekle, Joseph
Riekle, Katherina
Riekle, Peter
Riekle, William
Rielle, Anton
Rielle, John H
Rielle, Katherina
Riesner, Frans
Riesner, Katharina
Riesner, Maria
Riesner, Paulina
Ringel, Anton
Ringel, Elisabeth
Ringel, Goreburth
Ringel, Heinrich
Ringel, Johann
Ringel, Johann
Ringel, Johann
Ringel, Josepha
Ringel, Josepha
Ringel, Katharina
Ringel, Margaretha
Ringel, Margaretha
Ringel, Maria K
Ringel, Peter
Ringel, Peter Joseph
Ringel, Theresia
Sauer, Amalia
Sauer, Elisabeth
Sauer, Johann
Sauer, Joseph
Sauer, Joseph
Sawyer, Adley M
Sawyer, Charles F
Sawyer, Richard B
Sawyer, Rosella
Schaefer, Jacob
Schaefer, Karl
Schaefer, Katharina
Schaefer, Magdalena
Schaefer, Margaretha
Scharfenberg, W.
Schwartz, Anton
Schwartz, Hanna
Schwartz, John
Schwartz, Katharina
Schwartz, Ladwina
Schwartz, Mary M
Schwartz, Peter
Schwartz, Rosa
Shook, Cora
Shook, Emma
Shook, Francis
Smith, Albert
Smith, George H
Smith, George H.
Smith, Henry B.
Smith, Herbert W.
Smith, Kate
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Sarah C.
Smith, Willie
Spinneniebe, Ferdinand
Spinneniebe, Margaretha
Spinneniebe, Margaretha
Spinneniebe, P.
Spinneniebe, Peter
Spinneniebe, Philipp
Strait, Barbara
Streits, Anna
Streits, Anna
Streits, Anna
Streits, Elisabeth
Streits, Jacob
Streits, Jacob
Streits, John
Streits, John
Streits, John
Streits, Katharina
Streits, Katharina
Streits, Maria
Streits, Maria
Streits, Nicholas
Streits, Nicolaus
Streits, Peter
Streits, William
Subern, Jacob
Sullivan, Thimothy
Thumply, Bernhard
Thumply, Jacob
Thumply, Joseph
Thumply, Katharina
Thumply, Peter
Tole, Bernhard
Tole, Helena
Tole, Henry
Tole, Henry
Tole, Ingnatz
Tole, Joseph
Tomply, Barbara
Tomply, Jacob
Tomply, Katharina
Tomply, Margaretha
Tomply, Peter
Tomply, William
Tott, Issac
Tremp, Anton
Tremp, Barbara
Vedley, Anna
Vedley, John
Vedley, Mathias
Vedley, Theresia
Wahling, A. S.
Wahling, Bertha
Wahling, Frans
Wahling, Henry
Wahling, Joseph
Wahling, Katharina
Wahling, Ludwich
Waldorf, Anna
Waldorf, Anna M.
Waldorf, Barbara
Waldorf, Elisabeth
Waldorf, George
Waldorf, Joseph
Waldorf, Katharina
Waldorf, Maria
Waldorf, Maria
Waldorf, Mathias
Waldorf, Michael
Waldorf, Richard
Waldorf, Rosalia
Waldorf, Wilhelm
Waldorf, Wilhelm J.
Warner, Jacob
Warner, Jacob
Warner, Johannes
Warner, Sophia
Wehr, Jacob
Wehr, Susanna
Wenz, A. Maria
Wenz, Elisabeth
Wenz, Heinrich
Wenz, Henry
Wenz, Johan
Wenz, Katharina
Wenz, Martin
Wenz, Mary E
Wenz, Peter
Wilson, Mary J
Wyrauch, Anna
Wyrauch, Anna
Wyrauch, Barbara
Wyrauch, Bernhard
Wyrauch, Henry
Wyrauch, Henry
Wyrauch, John
Wyrauch, Joseph
Wyrauch, Maria
Wyrauch, Wilhelm
Zapp, Michael