1870 Census of Oak Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 12 separate pages of the Oak Township census.
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Altman, Aloonis
Altman, John
Altman, Joseph
Altman, Margaret
Bach, Agnes
Bach, Barny
Bach, Elizabeth
Bach, John
Bach, Margaret
Bach, Mathias
Bach, Michael
Bach, Nicholas
Bach, Peter
Bakerman, Harmon
Banalka, F A
Banalka, Joseph
Banalka, Mary
Barney, Clark
Barthel, Agnes
Barthel, Agnes
Barthel, Andrew
Barthel, Andrew
Barthel, Andrew
Barthel, Barbara
Barthel, Barny
Barthel, Carl
Barthel, Frank
Barthel, Franks
Barthel, Joseph
Bathwhaler, Amelia
Bathwhaler, Eva
Bathwhaler, John
Bathwhaler, Joseph
Bathwhaler, Maria
Bathwhaler, Netta
Bathwhaler, Peter
Benalka, Annie
Benalka, Frank
Benalka, Harmon
Bergading, Agnes
Bergading, Barney
Bergading, Barney
Bergading, Catharine
Bergading, Elizabeth
Bergading, Frank
Bergading, John
Bergading, Joseph
Bergading, Mary
Blankes, Harmon
Blankes, Katrina
Bokholt, Franciska
Bokholt, Harmon
Bokholt, Harmon Jr
Bonner, Annie
Bonner, Christiana
Bonner, John
Bonner, Joseph
Bonner, Mary
Bonner, William
Borgerding, Annie
Borgerding, Caroline
Borgerding, Christoper
Borgerding, Christopher
Borgerding, Elizabeth
Borgerding, Henry
Borgerding, John
Burns, Christina
Burns, Frank
Burns, Joseph
Burns, Maria
Burns, William
Butler, James
Cannes, Michael
Caok, Gotleib
Cleveland, H
Cleveland, Sarah
Coe, Allie
Coe, George
Coe, Henry
Coe, Rebecca
Dades, Barney
Dades, Caroline
Dades, Ferdinand
Dades, Frank
Dades, Henry
Dades, Henry
Daly, Catharine
Daly, Dana
Daly, Ellen
Daly, John
Daly, Martin
Daly, Mary
Daly, Minnee
Daly, Patrick
Doty, Ella
Doty, Gusnnell
Doty, Hellen
Doty, Ione
Doty, Lullu V
Doty, William
Doty, William H
Dugan, Desmond
Dugan, James
Dugan, Susanah
Finker, Carl
Finker, Franciska
Finker, Frelumina
Finker, Gedrey
Finker, Lenard
Fishers, Antone
Fishers, Christina
Fishers, Maria
Fishers, Peter
Flavel, Bartel
Flavel, Bartel
Flavel, Cecelia
Flavel, Elizabeth
Flavel, Elizabeth
Flavel, John
Flavel, Mary
Froehler, Annie
Froehler, Barbara
Froehler, Frank
Froehler, George
Froehler, John
Froehler, Michael
Frunnith, Catharine
Frunnith, M
Gaylord, Aurora
Gaylord, Catharine
Gaylord, Christina
Gaylord, Edward
Gaylord, Gilbert
Gaylord, Gilbert
Gaylord, Louis
Gaylord, Mary
Gaylord, Peter
Gaylord, Richeau
Ghoner, Mathias
Graham, George
Graham, Hattie
Graham, Mary
Graham, Rebeca
Gresger, Barbara
Gresger, Christian
Gresger, Joseph
Gresger, Margaret
Gresger, Margaret
Gresger, Mary
Gresger, Michael
H, William
Hall, Annie
Hall, August
Hall, Fanny
Hall, Jane
Hall, Sarah
Hampha, Henry
Han, Almon
Han, Calvin
Han, Edota
Han, James
Han, Sarah
Hardgert, Anna
Hardgert, Fred
Hardgert, George
Hartzack, Fred
Hartzack, George
Hascamp, Agnes
Hascamp, Agnes
Hascamp, Elizabeth
Hascamp, Henry
Hascamp, Joseph
Hascamp, Joseph
Hascamp, Mary
Haus, Catharine
Haus, Catharine
Haus, John
Haus, John
Haus, Joseph
Haus, Mary
Hausman, Bernd
Hausman, Elizabeth
Hausman, Gertrude
Hausman, Henry
Hausman, Joseph
Hecher, Mary
Henson, Henry
Henson, Katrin
Hertzack, Agnes
Hertzack, Bernard
Hertzack, Diana
Hertzack, Wener
Hiltner, Annie
Hiltner, Barbara
Hiltner, Barbary
Hiltner, Frank
Hiltner, George
Hiltner, John
Hiltner, John
Hiltner, Joseph
Hiltner, Magdalane
Hiltner, Maria
Hiltner, Michael
Hiltner, Michael
Hiltner, Michael
Hiltner, Ratran
Hiltner, Theresa
Hlasen, Harman
Hlasen, Harmon
Hlasen, Helena
Hlasen, Helena
Hlasen, Henry
Hlasen, John H
Hlasen, Kate
Hlasen, Maria
Hlasen, W'm H
Hoppe, Annie
Hoppe, Antone
Hoppe, Barney
Hoppe, Elizabeth
Hoppe, Emma
Hoppe, Eva
Hoppe, Frank
Hoppe, Helena
Hoppe, Henry
Hoppe, Hubert
Hoppe, John
Hoppe, John
Hoppe, Joseph
Hoppe, Joseph
Hoppe, Theresa
Hoppe, Theresa
Hoppe, William
Humbert, Barney
Humbert, Caroline
Humbert, Elizabeth
Humbert, Frank
Humbert, Harmon
Job, Andreas
Job, Annie
Job, Mary
Kalkman, H
Kalkman, Henry
Kalkman, Margaret
Keppers, Adeline
Keppers, Barnard
Keppers, Christiana
Keppers, George
Keppers, George J
Keppers, Gertrude
Keppers, Gertrude
Keppers, Henry
Keppers, Henry
Laumas, Annie
Laumas, Barbara
Laumas, Catharine
Laumas, Joseph
Laumas, Michael
Laumas, Michael
Laumas, Nicholas
Laumas, Theresa
Lavel, Annie
Lavel, Charley
Lavel, Edwin
Lavel, Mary Ann
Lavel, Pattie
Link, Casper
Link, Catharine
Link, Catharine
Link, Gotleib
Link, Mary
Mai, Annie M
Marta, Christopher
Marta, Christopher
Marta, Gertrude
Marta, Henry
Marta, Mary
Mcfarland, Joseph
Mcfarland, Ruth J
Meisen, Agnes
Meisen, Annie
Meisen, Annie
Meisen, Apolonia
Meisen, Gertrude
Meisen, John
Meisen, Maria
Meisen, Sophia
Michaels, Barny
Mitzger, Annie
Mitzger, Barbara
Mitzger, Barbara
Mitzger, George
Mitzger, John
Mitzger, Joseph
Mitzger, Lenard
Mitzger, Mary
Mohrman, Agnes
Mohrman, Anna
Mohrman, Bernadina
Mohrman, Clemm
Mohrman, Magdelane
Moritz, Annie
Moritz, Benny
Moritz, Christina
Moritz, Henry
Moritz, John
Moritz, Joseph
Moritz, Joseph
Moritz, Mary
Naths, Annie
Naths, John
Naths, John
Naths, Joseph
Naths, Mary
Nett, Andrew
Nett, Annie M
Nett, Elizabeth
Nett, Margaret
Nett, Mariah
Onendoff, B.
Orr, Elizabeth
Orr, Jacob
Orr, Richard
Ossendoff, Henry
Papping, Annie
Papping, Catharine
Papping, Josep
Papping, Joseph
Papping, Mary
Papping, Mary J
Pfau, Catharine
Pfau, Ferdinand
Pfau, Ferdinand
Pfau, Filomena
Pfau, Joseph
Pfau, Louisa
Pfau, Mary
Pfau, Simon
R, Annie
R, Dana
R, Elizabeth
R, Gertrude
R, Harmon
R, Henry
R, John
R, John
R, Joseph
R, Mary
R, Mary
Reiland, Cecilia
Reiland, Christina
Reiland, Frank
Reiland, Helena
Reiland, Hubart
Reiland, Joseph
Rohso, Hing
Rohso, John
Rohso, John
Rohso, Katron
Rohso, Mary
Rohso, Matty
Roth, Amelia
Roth, Cryensha
Roth, Helena
Roth, Johannah
Roth, Joseph
Rothermel, John
Rothermel, Mary
Rothermel, W'm
Schof, Joseph
Schrader, Frank
Shonen, Annie M
Shonen, Casper
Shonen, Catharine
Shonen, Harmon
Shonen, John
Shonen, Mary
Smaley, Lawrence
Steinbaugh, John
Stilling, Bartel
Stilling, Dinah
Stilling, George
Suck, John
Sutton, Allce C
Sutton, Alman
Sutton, Elmer A
Sutton, Emmaranda
Sutton, Esther
Sutton, F Antonette
Sutton, H P
Sutton, Harrietta
Sutton, Henrietta
Sutton, James H
Sutton, Martha J
Sutton, Martha J
Sutton, Oak
Sweep, Catharine
Sweep, Harman
Sweep, John
Sweep, Lana
Sweep, Ragina
Sweep, Sophia
Terway, John
There, -
There, Adam
There, Agnes
There, George
There, Henry
There, John
There, Joseph
There, William
Thoman, A Louis
Thompson, Charlotte
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Levi
Thompson, Lucinda
Thompson, Milton
Thompson, W'm A
Thunjan, George
Thunjan, Gerhardt
Thunjan, Gertrude
Tones, Michael
Tones, Nicholas
Vagal, Anton
Vagal, Antone
Vagal, Barbara
Vagal, Carl
Vagal, Catharine
Vichausen, Margaret
Vogal, John
Vogt, Antone
Vogt, Catharine
Vogt, Dena
Vogt, Elizabeth
Vogt, Frank
Vogt, Harman
Vogt, John
Vogt, Mary
Vogt, Matilda
Vogt, William
Wahls, Elizabeth
Wahls, Henry
Walden, Isaac
Walker, Harriet
Walker, Henry
Walker, William
Wallack, Frank
Wallack, George
Wallack, Maria
Welle, Annie
Welle, Christina
Welle, Conrad
Welle, Gertrude
Welle, Helena
Welle, Henry
Welle, Henry
Welle, William
Weyman, Frank
Wheeling, Henry
Whitney, Anna
Whitney, Charles
Whitney, W'm B
Zierdon, Annie
Zierdon, Apolona
Zierdon, Elizabeth
Zierdon, Elizabeth J
Zierdon, Joseph
Zierdon, Mary
Zierdon, Mathias
Zierdon, Peter
Zimmerman, Amelia
Zimmerman, Casper
Zimmerman, Edward
Zimmerman, Emma
Zimmerman, Louis
Zimmerman, Margaret
Zimmerman, Mary
Zimmerman, R