1870 Census of Lynden Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 7 separate pages of the Lynden Township census.
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38A 38B 39A 39B 40A 40B 41A

Akers, Amable
Akers, David
Akers, John
Akers, Margareth
Akers, Mary C
Akers, Nancy
Akers, William
Bael, A. D.
Bael, C. B.
Bael, Fany
Bael, Ira M
Bael, L. M.
Bael, M. E.
Barrett, C. A
Barrett, Charles
Barrett, Edgar
Barrett, Ella
Barrett, Eugene
Barrett, Eva
Barrett, H. C.
Barrett, Haty
Barrett, Henry
Barrett, Nelson
Barrett, Olive
Blair, Charley
Blair, Edward
Blair, Isabella
Bond, Adam
Bond, Charles F
Bond, Elisabeth
Bond, John W
Bond, Peter L.
Bond, Samuel W
Campal, Henry
Campell, Robert
Carlyle, Ann
Carlyle, Brenhan
Carlyle, Eugeen
Carlyle, J. C.
Carlyle, Jane
Carlyle, Lissie
Carlyle, Martha
Carlyle, Sussan
Cliffort, Ella
Cliffort, H H.
Cliffort, Marilu
Cliffort, S A
Colgrove, Emma L.
Colgrove, Francois A
Colgrove, James
Colgrove, Mary L.
Coock, William
Dakin, A. M.
Dakin, C. J
Dakin, Charley
Dakin, Elisa J.
Dakin, H. H.
Dakin, Willie
Dallas, J.
Dallas, M. G.
Dallas, M. J
Dallas, S. J.
Dallas, W.
Dallas, W. J.
Darling, A. A.
Darling, A. B.
Darling, A. J.
Darling, C. D.
Darling, J.A.
Darling, M. H
Darling, M. M.
Davis, Amelia A
Davis, E. B.
Davis, Leroy B
Davis, Mary
Davis, W. D.
Davis, W. W.
Dirks, Elisa
Dirks, Elisabeth
Dirks, Frans
Dirks, Frans
Dirks, Gerdruth
Dirks, Heinrich
Dirks, Henry
Dirks, Maria
Dirks, Theodor
Dirks, Theodor
Dorsey, C. E.
Dorsey, Orrian
Fisk, Sarah
Fisk, Stella
Fisk, Willbur
Fuller, A. F.
Fuller, James M
Fuller, Mary A
Fuller, Mira J
Grien, Effie
Grien, Jane
Grien, L.
Hayes, Briget
Hayes, Daniel
Hayes, Ella
Hayes, Thomas
Hayes, Thomas
Heaton, F.
Heaton, H. F.
Heaton, Mary S,
Heaton, T.
Henderson, A. C.
Higgins, John
Higgins, Margareth
Higgins, Mary
Higgins, Peter
Higgins, Susanne
Hinkemeyer, A
Hinkemeyer, A. M
Hinkemeyer, Maria J.
Hoelsle, August
Hoelsle, Katharina
Hoelsle, Peter
Ingals, E. J.
Ingals, M. A
Ingals, M. M.
Ingels, C. J.
Ingels, H. J
Ingels, J.J
Johnson, A. F.
Johnson, A. F.
Johnson, E. L
Johnson, E. M
Johnson, F. H.
Johnson, George W
Johnson, H. S.
Johnson, L. J.
Johnson, Ryal F.
Lenhof, John
Lipsmeier, Anna
Lipsmeier, Frank
Lipsmeier, Steven
Lyons, B. F.
Lyons, Benjamin F
Lyons, Jacob H
Lyons, James M.
Lyons, Lettie N.
Lyons, Robert A
Lyons, William H
Miller, C. E
Miller, D. E.
Miller, Daniel
Millrose, Anna
Mitchel, Emelia
Mitchel, Eugene
Mitchel, Gustaf
Mitchel, Millie
Mitchel, Robert
Mitchel, Wessley
Moore, M
Morgan, Fred.
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, S.
Orion, Peter
Parcher, C. A.
Parcher, D
Parcher, Freeman
Parcher, Lilla
Parcher, Olav
Parcher, R. M.
Parcher, Wellforth
Patrick, David
Patrick, Treselove
Peterson, Peter
Powers, A. C.
Powers, Clara
Powers, P. C.
Pratt, Alma J
Pratt, Anna C.
Pratt, H. A.
Pratt, Jerome
Pratt, Joseph
Pratt, R. H.
Pratt, Sophia A.
Pratt, William J.
Quin, Brigand
Quin, John
Quin, Mary A.
Quin, Patrick
Quin, Peter
Quin, Peter
Quin, Rossan
Rigbey, Cary M.
Rigbey, Mary E.
Rigbey, Silas F.
Rigbey, Susan
Rigbey, W. A.
Rigbey, W. T
Robertson, Alberth
Robertson, Atty
Robertson, B. D.
Robertson, Frank
Robertson, Harriotte
Robertson, Margareth
Sander, Kate
Snell, A. A.
Snell, Albert
Snell, Allis
Snell, Cary
Snell, Charley
Snell, S. M.
Snell, Sarah
Snell, Sutton
Speck, Anton A
Speck, K. V.
Speck, Noah
Speck, Sarah A
Stocks, Ellen
Stocks, G. W.
Stocks, George
Stocks, M. E.
Stocks, Sarah
Storms, D. D.
Storms, Frank
Storms, M. A.
Thomas, J. T.
Thomas, L. J.
Thomas, M. D.
Thomas, S. A
Trasey, J. E.
Trasey, John
Trasey, Patrick
Valley, J.
Valley, Mary
Valley, Mary
Valley, Peter
Vorse, A. M.
Vorse, Charles H
Vorse, William
Wallon, Henry
Warner, Minna
Werner, Frederick
Werner, George
Werner, Margareth
Werner, Mary E
Werner, Pauline
Werner, R. Louise
Werner, W. H
Wert, A. M.
Wert, F. A.
Wert, M. J
Wert, W. B.
Wheeler, Ruhane
Wheeler, Sapman
Wheeler, Sussan D.
Wheeler, William J.
Whitmore, Amelia
Whitmore, B. J.
Whitmore, Bann
Whitmore, C
Whitmore, Cary
Whitmore, Charles
Whitmore, Joseph
Whitmore, Julia
Withney, A
Withney, A. J.
Withney, F. A
Withney, H. M.
Withney, R. H
Woodberg, A.
Woodberg, E. E.
Woodberg, Eba
Woodberg, Emma