1870 Census of Lake Henry Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 4 separate pages of the Lake Henry Township census.
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Benchgenger, Augusta
Benchgenger, C.
Benchgenger, Fredrika
Benchgenger, Gustoff
Benchgenger, Herman
Benchgenger, John
Benchgenger, Sophy
Benchgenger, William
Berg, Elizabeth
Berg, Herman
Berkept, Esther
Berkept, Jacob
Bertram, Annie
Bertram, John
Bertram, Joseph
Bertram, Mathias
Bruck, Adam
Bruck, Anna
Bruck, Annie
Bruck, Barbara
Bruck, Carlinia
Bruck, Gertride
Bruck, Jacob
Bruck, Margaret
Bruck, Mary
Bruck, Sam
Buetner, Barbara
Buetner, Casper
Buetner, Casper
Buetner, Conrad
Buetner, Elisabeth
Buetner, Elizabeth
Buetner, Frank
Buetner, George
Buetner, John
Buetner, Rosannah
Cramer, Annie
Cramer, Annie
Cramer, Bernard
Cramer, George
Cramer, George
Cramer, George
Cramer, Gertrude
Cramer, Gustia
Cramer, Jacob
Cramer, John
Cramer, Kate
Cramer, Margaret
Cramer, Margaret
Cramer, Margaret
Cramer, Michael
Cramer, Michael
Cramer, Mike
Cramer, Mike
Grese, Catherine
Grese, John
Grese, John J
Grese, Michael
Gross, Anna Mary
Gross, Hannah
Gross, Isabella
Gross, Julius
Gross, Kate
Gross, Mack
Gross, Mary
Gross, Nicholas
Gross, Paul
Gross, Stephen
Haalstaff, Barbara
Huffman, Emily
Huffman, Francis
Huffman, Julius
Huffman, Paul
Huffman, Prance
Kerpt, Adam
Kerpt, Antone
Kerpt, Joseph
Kerpt, Josephine
Kerpt, Mary
Kerpt, Susannah
Lunias, Annie
Lunias, Elizabeth
Lunias, John
Lunias, Joseph
Lunias, Kathrin
Lunias, Magdalene
Lunias, Margaret
Lunias, Margaret
Lunias, Mary
Lunias, Michael
Lunias, Senardel
Miller, Bernachus
Miller, Kate
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary K
Miller, Mathew
Miller, Nick
Miller, Nick
Mouric, Anna
Mouric, Fred
Mouric, John
Mouric, Mary
Mouric, Usella
Niman, Mary
Niman, William
Papping, Annie
Papping, Annie
Papping, Antone
Papping, Bernard
Papping, Francis
Papping, George
Papping, Haver
Papping, Mary A
Papping, Susannah
Sanbeck, Gertrude
Sanbeck, Nick
Sanger, Anna
Sanger, Barbara
Sanger, Catharine
Sanger, Margaret
Sanger, Nick
Simon, Gertrude
Simon, John
Simon, Mary
Simon, Mary
Simon, O. J.
Smith, Christine
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kate
Smith, Mary
Smith, Michael
Smith, Michael
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Nick
Smith, Susanna
Snyder, Annie
Snyder, Antony
Snyder, Bartel
Snyder, Emma
Snyder, Henricus
Snyder, John
Snyder, Joseph
Snyder, Joseph
Snyder, Kate
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Michael
Snyder, Susan
Snyder, Susannah
Snyder, Susannah
Winter, Annie
Winter, Catherine
Winter, Emma
Winter, Mathew
Winter, Peter