1870 Census of Grove Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 11 separate pages of the Grove Township census.
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Adley, Napoleon
Bendfelt, John
Blotts, Ann M
Bradley, Ann
Bradley, Edith
Bradley, George
Bradley, Julia
Bradley, N G
Bradley, T. W.
Bradley, Willey
Brenfield, Ann
Brenfield, Antony
Brenfield, John
Brenfield, John
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Catharine
Brown, Ellen
Brown, John S
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel
Burgess, Ann
Burgess, Annie
Burgess, Christina
Burgess, Joseph
Burgess, Lena
Burgess, Lewis
Burgess, Mary
Burk, Ellen
Burk, Mary
Burk, Mary Ann
Burk, Michael
Burk, Michall
Burk, Thomas
Cargrove, Bridget
Cargrove, Cornelius
Cargrove, Margaret
Cargrove, Michael
Carlton, F W
Carlton, Lydia D
Casper, George
Chapman, Hiram
Cramer, Alfred
Cramer, Annie
Cramer, Charles
Cramer, Franklin
Cramer, John
Cramer, John
Cramer, Mary
Cramer, Mary
Davis, P. R.
Debloies, Francis
Debloies, Francis
Debloies, James
Debloies, John
Debloies, Leonni
Debloies, Margaret
Debloies, Margaret
Dicks, Agnes
Dicks, Catharine
Dicks, Charles
Dicks, Christina
Dicks, Gerrit
Dicks, Gerrit
Dicks, John
Dicks, Joseph
Dicks, Margaret
Dicks, Peter
Dotbath, Annie
Dotbath, Christina
Dotbath, Elizabeth
Dotbath, Elizabeth
Dotbath, George
Dotbath, Hannah
Dotbath, Harman
Dotbath, Henry
Dotbath, John
Dotbath, Mary
Dreman, Annie
Dreman, Henry
Dreman, Henry
Dreman, Josephine
Drisco, Antone
Drisco, Barbary
Drisco, Catharine
Drisco, Catharine
Drisco, Harman
Drisco, Mary
Duncan, Bell
Duncan, George
Duncan, James
Duncan, Margaret
Duncan, Mary
Eames, Maggie
Eames, Webster W
Ellering, Anton
Ellering, Barney
Ellering, Clemons
Ellering, George
Ellering, George
Ellering, Henry
Ellering, Joseph
Ellering, Mary
Feldavel, Barnard
Feldavel, Christina
Feldavel, Elizabeth
Feldavel, Harman
Flepps, John
Flepps, Mary
Flepps, Nicholas
Flepps, Nicholas Jr
Flepps, Peter
Flepps, Peter Jr
Graham, Allice
Graham, Arthur
Graham, Bridget
Graham, Elizabeth
Graham, James H
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, John H
Graham, Louisa
Graham, Lovina
Graham, Mary
Graham, Patrick
Graham, Patrick
Graham, Patrick Jnr
Graham, Theadore
Graham, Thomas
Graham, Thomas
Gros, Ann
Gros, Ann
Gros, Catharine
Gros, Nicholas
Gros, Peter
Hajerick, Alexander
Hajerick, August
Hajerick, Conrad
Herbers, Henry
Herbrand, Elizabeth
Herbrand, Joseph
Herbrand, Mary
Herbrand, Mathes
Herbrand, Michael
Herbrand, Nicholas
Herbrand, Peter
Herbrand, Susan
Huhn, Margaret
Huhn, Simon
Hulger, Adam
Hulger, Frances
Hulger, John
Hulger, Joseph
Hulger, Margaret
Hulger, Mary
Hulger, Michael
Illies, Annie
Illies, August
Illies, August
Illies, Henry
Illies, Peter
Karels, Annie
Karels, Mary
Karels, Mary
Karels, Nicholaus
Karels, Nick
Karels, Peter
Leban, George
Lollinghouse, H
Lollinghouse, Tracy
Loomis, Ann
Loomis, Hattie
Loomis, Martin
Loomis, Mary O
Loomis, Minnie
Loomis, Sarah
Loomis, Sarah M
Maemamara, C
Maley, Ann
Maley, Antone
Maley, Charles
Maley, Elizabeth
Maley, Joseph
Maley, Joseph Sr
Maley, Lidmiller
Maley, Mary
Maley, Mary
Maley, Mary
Maley, Winslow
Marthales, Aleck
Marthales, Ann
Marthales, Antone
Marthales, Barbery
Marthales, Catharine
Marthales, Henry
Marthales, James J
Marthales, John
Marthales, Joseph
Marthales, Leon
Marthales, Margaret
Marthales, Mary
Megher, Cornelius
Megher, Honory
Megher, James H
Megher, John
Megher, John W
Megher, Lydia
Megher, Margaret
Megher, Mary Ann
Megher, Michael
Megher, Michael
Megher, Sarah
Megher, Thomas
Megher, Thomas
Michalls, Angel
Michalls, Annie
Michalls, Catharine
Michalls, Christina
Michalls, Elizabeth
Michalls, Henry
Michalls, Henry
Michalls, John
Michalls, Michale
Monbriend, Eusus
Monbriend, Isaac
Monbriend, Lewis
Monbriend, Mary L
Moore, Emmefever
Moore, John
Myer, Dina
Myer, Elizabeth
Myer, Elizabeth
Myer, Harman J
Myer, Harman Sen
Myer, Henry
Myer, Henry
Myer, Pauline
Nathe, Annie
Nathe, Annie
Nathe, Annie
Nathe, Anton
Nathe, Anton
Nathe, Antone
Nathe, Casper
Nathe, Catharin
Nathe, Charles
Nathe, Christopher
Nathe, Elizabeth
Nathe, Franklin
Nathe, Harman
Nathe, John J
Nathe, Joseph
Nathe, Joseph
Nathe, Pauline
Nathe, Rigast
Neis, Christina
Neis, Lawrence
Neisen, Peter
Pfeffer, Carl
Pfeffer, Catharine
Pfeffer, Elizabeth
Pfeffer, Mary
Pfeffer, Naromba
Premis, John
Premis, Margaret
Primes, Annie
Primes, Catharine
Primes, Catherine
Primes, Elizabeth
Primes, John
Primes, John
Primes, Joseph
Primes, Joseph
Primes, Mary
Primes, Pauline
Rearing, Caty
Rearing, Harman
Rieland, Annie
Rieland, Anton
Rieland, Joseph
Rieland, Mary
Ritter, Agnes
Ritter, Lucitta
Ritter, Metta
Ritter, Peter
Roling, Agnes
Roling, Agnes
Roling, Annie
Roling, Barney
Roling, Barney
Rushing, John
Sake, Adam
Sanas, Mary
Sand, Christina
Sand, Elizabeth
Sand, Nicholas
Schelers, Ann
Schelers, Barney
Schelers, Catharine
Schelers, Catharine
Schelers, Elizabeth
Schelers, Ferdinand
Schelers, Harman
Schelers, Harman
Schelers, Mary
Schlet, Ann
Schlet, Christina
Schlet, John
Schlet, John
Schlet, Margaret
Schlet, Mary
Schlet, Nicholas
Schlet, Peter
Schulte, Annie
Schulte, Annie
Schulte, Catharine
Schulte, Elizabeth
Schulte, John
Schulte, Joseph
Servatius, Barnard
Servatius, Eva
Servatius, Henry
Servatius, John
Servatius, Mary
Shulte, Annie
Shulte, Elizabeth
Shulte, Henry
Shulte, Henry
Shulte, Louisa
Smith, John
Spates, Catharine
Spates, Cecelia
Spates, Charles
Spates, John
Spates, John
Spates, Mary
Spates, Mathis
Spehn, Charles
Stavard, Edwin
Steward, A****
Steward, Angeline
Steward, Ellan
Steward, Esther
Steward, George
Steward, George B
Steward, Isaac
Steward, Jessie
Steward, L**
Steward, Marinda
Steward, Mary
Steward, Perry
Stone, Earnest
Stone, Elizabeth
Stone, Etta
Stone, Nellie
Stone, Sylvanus
Stuther, Barbara
Stuther, Henry
Stuther, Margaret
Stuther, Othello
Stuther, Peter
Stuther, Winslow
Terhaar, Ann
Terhaar, Bernadine
Terhaar, Elizabeth
Terhaar, Elizabeth
Terhaar, Elizabeth
Terhaar, Franklin
Terhaar, George
Terhaar, Gertrude
Terhaar, Harman
Terhaar, Harman
Terhaar, Henry
Terhaar, Holard
Terhaar, Mary
Terhaar, Mary
Terhaar, Tilly
Terhaar, Tracy
Terhaar, William
Terhaar, William
Terway, Annie
Terway, John
Terway, Toney
Theilan, Henry
Theilan, John
Theilan, John
Theilan, Mary
Theilan, Mathes
Theilan, Michael
Theilan, Peter
Turtiche, Harmon
Uphost, Clemens
Wangler, Annie
Wangler, Frankln
Wangler, Jasper
Wangler, Joseph
Wangler, Mary
Weisharman, Cathart
Weisharman, Elizabeth
Weisharman, Francis
Weisharman, J H
Weisharman, John
Weisharman, Mary
Weisman, Antone
Weisman, Barnard
Weisman, Catharine
Weisman, Elizabeth
Wilhelm, Annie
Wilhelm, Jacob
Wilhelm, John
Wilhelm, Mary
Wilhelm, Peter
Wilhelm, Wendel
Winter, Albert
Winter, Annie
Winter, Matas
Wooster, Annie
Wooster, Antoney
Wooster, Clara
Wooster, Gerty
Wooster, Matilda
Wooster, Victor
Yanny, Mahaly C