1870 Census of Fair Haven Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 8 separate pages of the Fair Haven Township census.
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Abel, Harriet
Abel, John
Abel, Julia
Abel, Lovinus
Abel, Lula
Abel, Milton
Abel, N. A.
Able, John
Bach, Maria
Bach, Mary
Bach, Peter
Baldwin, William
Beltron, Amelia
Beltron, Asner
Beltron, Jane
Beltron, Julian
Beltron, Lucius
Blilar, J. H
Boober, C. J.
Boober, Clara E.
Boober, E. H.
Boober, Frank H.
Boober, Hanna W.
Boober, Hattie C.
Boober, James E
Boober, Liley J
Bromann, August
Bromann, Hanna
Bromann, Henry
Bromann, Henry
Bronns, David N.
Bronns, Jeremia
Bronns, Lisa
Bronns, Silas N
Bronns, Thoms M.
Brosamer, John P
Brosamer, Margareth
Brosamer, Martha
Brosamer, Mathias
Brosamer, Peter
Brosamer, William
Butler, Alina
Butler, B F.
Butler, Elisa A
Butler, Frank H.
Carr, Fred
Carr, Rosa
Coats, Albert
Coats, Frank
Coats, Lorenda
Coats, Marion
Coats, Martin
Cooper, E. K.
Cooper, Minnie
Cooper, William
Dean, A. D.
Dean, Albert
Dean, Elila
Dean, Elisa A.
Dean, Florens
Dean, George W.
Dean, Hattie
Dean, J. W.
Dean, John
Dean, John L.
Dean, Louis
Dean, M. H.
Dean, Sarah
Donahue, Anna
Donahue, E. C.
Donahue, E. N.
Donahue, Elissa
Donahue, Hariet
Donahue, J. F.
Donahue, Jane
Donahue, Jane
Donahue, John
Donahue, Joseph
Donahue, William
Eckenmeyer, Augusta
Eckenmeyer, Carolina
Eckenmeyer, Charles
Eckenmeyer, Christian
Eckenmeyer, Gustav
Eckenmeyer, Lena
Eckenmeyer, Mena
Farnsworth, A. B.
Farnsworth, B. A.
Farnsworth, E. G.
Farnsworth, J. W.
Farnsworth, NN
Ficker, Anton
Ficker, Theola
Fischbach, M. A.
Foster, Bill
Foster, Emma
Foster, Isabella
Foster, Lora A
Foster, Willie
Fuss, Elvira
Fuss, Willard E.
Gebhard, Carrolina
Gebhard, Heinrich
Gebhard, Julia
Gilbert, Mary
Grinols, Benj.
Grinols, Clinton D
Grinols, Elsie
Grinols, Ernest
Grinols, Issabella
Hathaway, Elias
Hathaway, Louisa M
Hathaway, Mary E
Hattamie, Jennie
Hattamie, Jerome
Hattemie, Betsey J.
Hattemie, Delphina
Hattemie, Eleo***
Hattemie, Salomon
Hattemie, Saron E.
Hattemie, W. N.
Hattemie, William C.
Johnson, Eugen
Johnson, F. A.
Johnson, F. H.
Johnson, Lorenso
Johnson, Marion
Johnson, Nettie
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, S. T.
Johnson, William
Jurgen, Anna
Kersting, Anton
Kersting, Cacilia
Kersting, Christina
Kersting, Helena
Kersting, Joseph
Kersting, Maria
Kersting, Maria B.
Kersting, Mauritz
Kimball, C.
Kimball, Fanny
Kimball, J. A
Kraemer, Heinrich
Kraemer, Joseph
Kraemer, Margaretha
Kraemer, Maria
Kraemer, Maria
Kraemer, Mathias
Kraemer, William
Kron, Anna
Linskot, H. N.
Linskot, J. A.
Linskot, W. F.
Linskot, W. P.
Locks, B. W
Locks, Harris
Locks, Joseph H
Locks, M. B.
Locks, Samuel
Loehr, Anton
Lovette, Elvira
Lovette, Hattie C.
Lovette, Summer
May, Albertine
May, August
May, Emma
May, Heinrich
May, Hermann
May, Paul
Mayall, John
McKampt, Albert
McKampt, George
McKampt, Jane
McKampt, Mary L
McKampt, Theodor F.
Meede, Andrew
Meede, Maria
Meede, Mirda
Metshaw, Lisa
Mohs, Charley
Mohs, Christina
Mohs, John
Mohs, Mary
Moore, Ellen C
Moore, G. W
Moore, George A.
Moore, Lissie
Moos, Anna
Moos, Rachel
Moos, Robiley
Moos, Theodore
Moos, Thoms L
Morgan, Alfred
Morgan, Esquire
Morgan, George H
Morgan, Nellie
Moss, Elias D
Moss, Thomas
Motehel, Alexander
Motehel, Anna
Motehel, Daniel
Motehel, Elisabeth
Motehel, John
Motehel, Lisa J.
Motehel, Sussanna M.
Motehel, William
Motehel, William
Mund, Cacilia
Mund, Clara
Mund, John
Mund, Johny
Mund, Joseph
Mund, Kate
Mund, Lusie
Mund, Margaretha
Mund, Sussan
Mund, William
Mund, Willie
Noies, Alfons
Noies, George
Noies, Laura E
Noyes, Frank
Noyes, John V.
Noyes, Julia
Noyes, M. P.
Noyes, Martha
Noyes, Nelly
Noyes, Nettey
Noyes, Orga
Osborn, Susan J.
Partridge, A. D.
Partridge, E. C.
Partridge, P. P.
Petch, Andreas
Petch, Angnise
Petch, Anton
Petch, Anton
Petch, Margaretha
Petch, Meritta
Petch, Varonica
Porter, Rosa
Pousher, Charlie
Pousher, Effie J
Pousher, Emna
Pousher, Robert
Prosch, William
Reia, Abel
Reia, Andrew
Reia, Dana A
Reia, Dora E.
Reia, Hattie A.
Reia, Jemmie
Reia, John
Reia, Laran M.
Reia, Maria
Reia, Ronsie C
Rockwood, Aurora
Rockwood, Edward
Schube, Mary
Sias, D.
Sias, Frank L
Sias, Stevens
Smith, A
Smith, Almera
Smith, J. A.
Smith, John G.
Smith, M. C.
Smith, W A.
Storms, Betsey D C
Strout, Charles S.
Strout, Eugene
Strout, Fred. L.
Strout, Maria
Strout, S. C.
Strout, Willie T.
Sturdevant, Alfred
Sturdevant, Allis J
Sturdevant, Charlie
Sturdevant, L. A.
Sturdevant, Sara J
Sturdevant, Willie
Swenson, Andrew
Swenson, Charles
Swenson, Johas
Swenson, Marian
Swenson, Mary
Terry, Hanforth
Terry, Laura
Thressher, J. N
Thressher, Sarah
Tistgen, Carrolina
Tistgen, Peter
Tucker, A. J.
Tucker, A. W
van der Voorde, A. L. W.
van der Voorde, B
van der Voorde, Elisa
van der Voorde, Herman
van der Voorde, Homer
van der Voorde, Mary
van der Voorde, Melania
van der Voorde, R. M
Vye, Hanna J
Vye, J. A.
Vye, Lora L
Vye, Martha
Vye, William
Vye, William H.
Weble, Abson E.
Weble, E. E.
Weble, Ella
Weble, Emma
Weble, O. D.
Wessel, John
Whitney, Anna
Wolcott, Alta
Wolcott, Sarah
Wolcott, Sylvester
Wolcott, Varens