1870 Census of Eden Lake Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 7 separate pages of the Eden Lake Township census.
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Abott, L. C
Allyn, Thomas L
Batch, Maria
Beier, Dorothea
Beier, Heinrich
Beier, Margareth
Beier, Margareth
Beier, Wilhelmina
Bennet, Alfred
Bennet, Anderson
Bennet, Angelica
Bennet, Henry
Bennet, Nancy E.
Bennet, Rosella M
Bennett, Angelotta
Bennett, Charley
Bennett, Elisa
Bennett, Elisabeth
Bennett, Levy H
Camos, Elisabeth
Camos, Heinrich
Camos, Hermann
Camos, Hermann
Camos, Johanna
Camos, Sarah
Charles, A. J.
Clark, Harley
Clark, Hester
Clark, Louis
Clark, Lucretia
Clark, Maria
Clark, Mary
Clark, Valley
Cloete, Sophia
Dieken, Samuel E
Ducan, Emma B
Ducan, Melisa J.
Ebbenbarger, Adam
Ebbenbarger, Anna
Emte, Benjamin
Emte, Dorothea
Emte, Friederich
Emte, Lydia
Getz, William H
Haines, Greene
Haines, James
Hamilton, Clara
Hamilton, Elisa
Hamilton, Join
Hamilton, Katharina
Hanscomp, D. J
Hanscomp, Mary A.
Hanscomp, Sanforth
Hilmer, Maria
Holenfer, Barbara
Holenfer, Barbara
Holenfer, Emulie
Holenfer, Enrst
Holenfer, Ernestina
Holenfer, Gottlieb
Holenfer, Gottlob
Holenfer, Hulda
Holenfer, Karl
Holenfer, Karl
Holenfer, Philomina
Holenfer, Philomina
Holenfer, Wilhelmina
Holenfer, Wilhelmina
Holiday, Charles
Holiday, Charles E
Holiday, Elisa A.
Holiday, George
Holiday, Jane
Holiday, Mary A
Holiday, Mary A.
Holiday, Thomas
Hoskins, E. Dean
Hoskins, Elisa
Hoskins, Emmia A.
Hoskins, Francis
Hoskins, George W.
Hoskins, Josephine
Hoskins, Mary E.
Hoskins, Rily W.
Hoskins, Sarah J.
Hoskins, Thomas H.
Hoskins, W'm. R
Hunt, Emelie
Hunt, George B
Huschle, Anton
Huschle, Anton
Huschle, Barbara
Huschle, Caspar
Huschle, Johann
Huschle, Katharina
Huschle, Katharina
Huschle, Maria E.
Huschle, Marianne
Huschle, Martin
Huschle, Stephen
Jones, Alma
Jones, Elisabeth
Jones, James
Jones, James N
Jones, John W
Jones, Sarah A
Kofuth, Alice
Kofuth, George B
Kofuth, Ida N
Kofuth, Mary Bell
Kofuth, Samuel
Kofuth, Silas
Lemdeke, Barthel
Lemdeke, Claudius
Lemdeke, Emulie
Lemdeke, Ferdinand
Lemdeke, John
Lemdeke, John
Lemdeke, Peter
Lemdeke, Theresia
Lemdeke, Theresia
Marginia, Michael
Meierk, John
Meierk, John
Meierk, Joseph
Meierk, Maria
Meierle, George
Meyer, Eleonora
Meyer, Hanna
Meyer, Ingnatz
Meyer, John
Meyer, Juliana
Meyer, Karl jr
Meyer, Karlson
Meyer, Katharina
Meyer, Katherina
Mills, Charley R
Mills, Martha
Mills, Noah E
Mills, Scheran W
Mills, W. T.
Mills, William
Mum, A. Barbara
Nicolaus, Alberth
Nicolaus, Ellen
Nicolaus, George
Nicolaus, Ida Mag.
Odle, Isac C
Pirz, Bartholome
Pirz, Emilie
Pirz, Johanna
Pirz, Johanna
Pirz, Josephine
Ragotz, Frans
Roeder, Adam
Roeder, Angelica
Roeder, Anna M.
Roeder, Jacob
Roeder, John
Roeder, Joseph
Roeder, Margaretha
Roeder, Maria
Roeder, Mathias
Roeder, Nicolaus
Roeder, Peter
Roeder, Theresia
Schofner, Adelous
Schofner, Elisabeth
Schofner, Ester A.
Schofner, John
Schofner, Martha J
Schofner, Moser
Schofner, Simon
Shumas, William
Smeker, John
Smeker, Mary
Smeker, Mary
Stesiner, John
Stesiner, John
Stesiner, Maria
Stoers, Etta
Stoers, George
Stoers, James
Stoers, Susanna
Stoves, A. Ella
Stoves, Elisabeth
Stoves, James M.
Stoves, James W
Swisher, Elisa
Swisher, Emma A
Swisher, J. Hermann
Swisher, Samuel
Swisher, Samuel
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Anna
Taylor, Charley
Taylor, John
Taylor, Nancy
Taylor, Roxy
Taylor, William
Thomas, Annie
Thomas, Elisabeth
Thomas, Elisabeth
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Markus
Trever, Flora E.
Trever, Jacob S.
Trever, John W.
Trever, Mary A
Trever, Mary J
Trever, Morgan
Trever, Morgan F
Vail, Harris
Vail, Harris
Vail, Thalathy
Vail, Willie
Van Blaraican, Emelia
Van Blaraican, Henry
Van Blaraican, Isaac
Van Blaraican, John
Van Blaraican, Katharina
Van Blaraican, Lorenc
Weissz, George
Weissz, George
Weissz, Joseph
Weissz, Katharina
Weissz, Maria
Weissz, Michael
Weissz, Michael
Weisz, George
Weisz, John
Weisz, Katharina
Weisz, Mary
Weisz, Mathias
Wiler, Elisabeth
Wiler, Luke
Wiler, Noah
Wilkens, Francis A
Wilkens, Sarah E
Wilkens, William
Williamson, E. B.
Wixon, Allen
Wixon, Martin