1870 Census of Crow Lake Township, Stearns County, MN
transcribed by Thomas J. Steichen

There are 5 separate pages of the Crow Lake Township census.
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70B 71A 71B 72A 72B

Anderson, Cornelia
Anderson, Gunder
Anderson, Olin
Andersson, Albert
Andersson, Annie
Andersson, Caroline
Andersson, Gusta
Andersson, Hulda
Andersson, Peter
Andersson, Peter
Anfenson, Andrew
Anfenson, Annie
Anfenson, Betsey J
Anfenson, Christina
Anfenson, Gilbert
Anfenson, Mary A
Audzodts, Betsey T
Audzodts, Matilda
Audzodts, Matilda
Audzodts, Oley
Audzodts, Olsen
Audzodts, Oscar
Baglinson, Amanda
Baglinson, Bocar
Baglinson, Carrie
Baglinson, Charles
Baglinson, Erick
Barso, Julia A
Barso, Louis
Barso, Peter
Benson, Stiner
Benson, Stinerson
Christeson, Christina
Christeson, M
Danielson, Erasmus
Danielson, Olaver
Danielson, Oley
Danielson, Rose
Erickson, Anderson
Erickson, Andrew
Erickson, Bertha
Erickson, Erick
Erickson, Erick Jr
Erickson, Nels
Ericson, Aspeson
Ericson, Ingersneope
Ericson, Mary
Ericson, Theresia
Esick, Annie
Esick, Huspins
Esick, Sarah
Esick, Sophia
Evanson, Geyso
Evanson, Gunnie
Evanson, Knud
Evanson, Matilda
Evanson, Oley
Fenton, Abraham
Fenton, Eliza
Fenton, Nellie
Fenton, Orsa
Gorganson, Betsey
Gorganson, George
Gorganson, Jacob
Gorganson, Oley
Gorganson, Tana
Gorganson, William
Grabnek, Gunder
Gunsanson, Oley
Hanson, Rios
Hendrickson, E.
Hendrickson, Henry
Hess, Ann
Hess, Christina
Hess, Christina
Hess, Ellen
Hess, Henry
Iverson, Johannah
Iverson, Peter
Iverson, Peter
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Christian
Johnson, Christine
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Estra
Johnson, Gra
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Knute
Johnson, Knute
Johnson, Ledia
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Oley
Johnson, Regena M
Knute, Nelson
Knute, Rachael
Knuteson, Annie
Knuteson, Charles
Knuteson, Knute
Knuteson, Matilda
Knuteson, Peter
Knuteson, Theodore M
Larson, Christina
Larson, Cornelius
Larson, George
Larson, Gessnan
Larson, Lewis
Larson, Nels
Larson, Oley
Larson, Sarah
Lingrin, Magnis
Lingrin, Peter
McMindes, Annie T
McMindes, Frank
McMindes, Jennie L
McMindes, Lidia
McMindes, Mary A
McMindes, Mary A
McMindes, William W
Olson, John
Olson, Knute
Olson, Margaret
Onanson, George
Paulson, Catharine
Paulson, George
Paulson, Julius
Paulson, Magdelene
Peterson, Alfred
Peterson, Charlotte
Peterson, John
Peterson, Lauisa
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Sevan J
Rallson, Annie
Rallson, Betsey
Rallson, Betsey
Rallson, George
Rallson, Gunder
Rallson, Isabell
Rallson, Oley
Rallson, Tilda
Rallson, Tukbar
Rallson, William
Read, Aurelia
Read, David N
Read, Hanton
Read, Irene W
Read, Levi C
Read, Lilley
Read, Martha
Read, Martha L
Read, Mary E
Read, W B
Read, Willis L
Sanson, Betsey
Sanson, John L
Sanson, Olena
Sanson, Rachael
Sanson, Sam H
Sanson, Swan
Searles, Annie
Searles, Joseph
Seranson, Gunder
Seranson, Ingsann M
Seranson, Keslet
Seranson, Margaret
Seranson, Mary
Seranson, Paul
Seranson, Seran
Seranson, Talef
Sevanson, Frank
Sevanson, Kate
Swanson, Torges
Talkelson, Alver
Talkelson, John
Talkelson, Matilda
Talkelson, Oley
Talkelson, Thomas
Talkelson, Turkle
Tallefson, Ann
Tallefson, Berget
Tallefson, Julia
Tallefson, Mary
Tallefson, T
Tallefson, Tallif
Tallefson, Zergan
Tesalstrip, ****
Tesalstrip, Frederick
Tesalstrip, Johannah
Tesalstrip, Mary A
Torgenson, -
Torgenson, Johnson
Torgenson, Ranoke
Torgenson, Sarah
Torgenson, Tarensia
Torggerson, Annie C
Torggerson, Christian
Torggerson, Christian